Franchise Opportunities

SEQM is looking for Training Partners both in the UK and Worldwide. SEQM’s worldwide network of training partners have been running accredited and non-accredited courses since 2001.

Why partner with SEQM?

For over a decade, SEQM has provided leading edge training in more than fifty countries across five continents, to some of the world’s most successful national and multinational organisations. Our unique approach has ensured that SEQM has established an international reputation for training excellence, demonstrated by a list of training clients that includes names like Unilever, Shell, LG, Samsung and Elf.

What does SEQM offer?

SEQM courses are broadly based around Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety subject areas. Accreditation for some courses comes from IEMA and IRCA. SEQM also specialise in designing and tailoring courses in other subject areas to the individual training needs of the audience by meeting the training objectives of our clients.

What sets SEQM training courses apart?

SEQM training courses are geared towards the encouragement of delegate participation, through a combination of presentations, team based exercises, quizzes and feedback sessions. Our courses adhere to the principles of Expertise, Experience, Excellence and Enjoyment. At SEQM, we believe that ‘training’ should be just that: effective education through active participation.

Completion of an SEQM training course does not simply mean a certificate. Delegates can expect to come away from an SEQM course with the applicable knowledge and skills through which to achieve personal and corporate success.

What costs are involved?

SEQM may charge an annual fee, plus a smaller ‘per delegate’ fee, or a per course fee. Alternatively we may charge a per course fee. Please contact us to discuss these arrangements in detail.